Mobile Media | Hot or Not – More Iterations

Another week, another iteration. This week I focused on bringing together more of the design elements of Hot or Not I had started mapping out during the last round of prototypes. Throughout this process of building the app, page by page from the wireframes, I also did a lot of user testing and made many changes to the flow and functionality.

The biggest change was diminishing the role of the account/profile for the app. After speaking with friends working in iOS right now, and remembering the ability to save data locally from last semesters iOS class, I decided that it isn’t necessary to have an account any more than a name, borough, and picture if desired. All user preferences regarding spice level, spice flavor profile preferences and other sorting functionality will be local, and only ratings will be stored in the cloud, and tagged by profile.

This meant that I could diminish the need to create an account from the get-go. Customization can instead be set with more of a menu-like interface, and if desired, profile information can be entered. If the user doesn’t want to put their name/borough, only their spice preference level (out of 5 flames) will be recorded, so that other users can see the professed spicy-love level of the rater and make their assumptions based on that.

Otherwise I also changed the flow so that users now have the option to go to a restaurant page and see dishes sorted in this way as well. Feedback showed me that it was important to users to have a page with the restaurants information and what dishes were rated spicy, versus just being able to tap through to a maps app link to access the restaurant information that way. I think this will be a positive change because one restaurant might have several spicy dishes that could encourage someone to want to attend based on the variety of options.

Other Key Feedback:

  • Titles are way to small and not enough distinction between info. Can’t read what any of the dishes are and they blend into the restaurant name.
  • You need to be able to search by location from main screen (actually got more feedback on this in class, and decided to redo so that only available from detail view, not from the dishes/home screen)
  • Icons unclear on detail view for the “aftermath” section. Some people thought this was about the happiness/satisfaction of the person after. Others thought it was the stomach, yet others the mouth. 
  • Put nearby listings first on the home screen, other assortments aren’t as important.
  • The filters you have are unclear and so is their relationship to the tags. Make them the same thing, and have a standard vs. user-added set of tags to choose from.

After this week’s class I made a few more changes from the brief in-class feedback/playtesting. The latest version is on marvel, and I updated the below presentation app map to match.

You can check out my app live on marvel here, and also find my latest presentation below. Since the marvel link is live, things may be a little buggy as I update things from the design in Sketch. I have realized this week that some UI elements are specifically template items and do weird things with scrolling up and down on the app, so I will need to address that for next weeks final presentation

Marvel Live App Link


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