UX Designer, Creative Technologist, Emerging Technology Consultant, Educator

Dana Martens is a designer, creative technologist, maker, teacher, life-long student and geek working to educate and empower communities to embrace the potential of emerging technologies for social impact.

She currently works as a UX Designer at Teach for America by day and an Adjunct Professor at Parsons School of Design by night, designing educational initiatives and consulting on the role of technology-led design for social impact entrepreneurship. In her spare time she helps organize the Speculative Futures NYC meetup, participates in a variety of fellowships and hackathons, and publishes SciFly, a weekly newsletter connecting people to NYC events related to design, art, and emerging technology.

Dana recently graduated from MFA Design + Technology at Parsons School of Design, where she pursued her dual passions for studying and building technologies and designing projects that connect people to realize more sustainable and equitable futures. Last summer she continued her explorations in IDEO’s CoLab in San Francisco where she used design-led research to collaboratively examine and shape how emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, the internet of things, and the blockchain protocol will affect our future.

Previously, Dana worked as a Policy Associate at The New York Academy of Medicine, where she developed policy and supported a portfolio of work at the intersection of aging, business, entrepreneurship, and technology. She also worked for The New York City Department of Small Business Service’s NYC Business Solutions Center where she coached aspiring entrepreneurs to start, operate, and expand their businesses and taught classes on business development and technology.

Dana holds a Bachelor of Arts cum laude in Economics from Smith College and Master of Fine Arts with honors in Design + Technology from Parsons School of Design.

  • Looking for instruction in design-thinking, communication, and storytelling?
  • Interested in speculative design/creative coding projects & want to collaborate?
  • Want to nerd out about how science fiction can help us better prepare for potential futures?

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