Whats Your Contribution? A Love Story

What’s Your Contribution, A Love Story is a speculative short story set in a 2050’s NYC, exploring the difference between contributing, and making real impact, when value is derived from every aspect of ones’ connected life.

This story was born out of a design-fiction project for an Urban Interaction Design class, focused on imagining New York City between 30 – 50 years in the future using forecasting tools and speculative design practice. After sketching out the rules, technologies, and culture of this new world, we were tasked to narrow in on specific moments in the urban landscape and create designs to showcase what they could look like.

My role was to create the design fiction scenario-building for the exercise, which quickly grew into a compelling short-story and rich world for future imagination and design practice.

All design research, presentations, and renders were done in collaboration with Merillee Pan and Sneha Deepika.

Read the Story, Click below to download a PDF


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