Semioception is a one-page interactive website prototype created using bootstrap. Interactions were user-tested through paper prototyping and short activities. The design prompt was to choose a city described in the book Invisible Cities and create a short design project around it, harnessing tools such as domain mapping, paper prototyping, structured user-testing, and rapid tech prototyping.


If you couldn’t speak, how could you describe your experience of a city, visited or not using symbolic representations artifacts, gestures and facial expressions paired with non-language sounds?

People can describe places without the use of language. In Invisible Cities, an explorer does so through artifacts, gestures, and non-language sounds & paired facial expressions. By mapping these three categories of non-language expressions to classes of graphical symbols, an equally accurate and meaningful representation can be evoked. Emblems have power and will cause users to have emotional reactions.

This project was created for the Design section of my MFA Design + Technology intensive summer bootcamp.