Thesis | Final Presentation Video

Just gave a live thesis research presentation exploring my project Unum: The Blockchain for the Maker Movement. This research was done in preparation for my Masters Thesis in the MFA Design + Technology program at Parsons School of Design

Unum | The Blockchain for the Maker Movement

Unum is building the first viable electronic infrastructure to coordinate trusted peer-to-peer business relationships between designers and makers while giving customers complete transparency into their product’s origin and manufacturing lifecycle. Unum leverages the emerging blockchain protocol to facilitate this trust by encoding each party’s terms and conditions into smart contracts that create and manage all transactions along a unique digital manufacturing thread for every physical product instance fabricated from a digital design. This thread is immutably tied to the finished product through Unum’s proprietary NFC-based seals, which are embedded and activated by makers during production, allowing customers to own a verified physical copy of a digital idea, forever.


Check out the video below!

You can also see my final presentation deck here.

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