Thesis | Production Plan and User Testing

We were also asked this week to update our production plan for Thesis Studio to a weekly version, and speak to what we wanted to test initially with our first-round of prototypes, picking the appropriate level of “visual”, “functional” and “content” we want to test for.


For the first user test, I will build a paper/low-fidelity wireframe of the UI for user’s to program their light design, seeking to understand what level of control they want and what mappings are best for different light functionality (color, brightness, flashing pattern etc.)

I will also build 3 very rough paper/cardboard prototypes of final forms I am thinking of for the sculpture/installation, and use them to do an interactive user test where user’s program their design on the UI and I use colored dots to go and represent their design on the statue.

Sculpture Rough Sketch.png

I am seeking to understand what forms will work best to convey my message and more abstract goals around decentralization and metaphors for the possibilities the blockchain protocol and decentralized digital economic systems like it create opportunities rethinking value and exchange in new emerging digital economic systems.

To learn more about my user testing goals, please see a longer document here.

To see my technical production plan, please see my production schedule here.


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