Ghosting | A Brief Sketch Of Areas to Explore

As I wrote in my first post for this series, my goal is to explore topics in three broad areas of interest.

  1. Educating myself on Digital Privacy & Security Tools, Resources, and Best Practices
  2. Understanding Alternative Networks, Economic Models, and Digital platforms to conduct online behavior in new and more collaborative ways
  3. Being more aware of national and global digital rights policy, legislature, key organizations, and ideas for a more free, equitable, and connected future

I sat down today and briefly sketched out some topics I would like to explore in the coming months, with the goal of writing an article every week or so. I will collaborate with classmates or friends when relevant and seek guidance from professors and other experts on privacy, surveillance, digital rights, alternate economies, networking etc. for guidance.

Again, please feel free to suggest  topics that you think I should cover. You can comment on this blog and I will reach out to you.

If you like my work and want to see more, please consider donating to my research so I can buy new tools and memberships for secure sites and services in order to test them. I’m in grad school right now, so budget is limited and I’d appreciate any help.

You can send donations to my BitCoin wallet at:


If you are a company that has a tool or resource that meets one of the topics below and would like me to try it out, please feel free to send it to me for a review and I’d be happy to include it and introduce my classmates and peers to its use if it fits in.

A Brief Sketch of Topics to Cover

Privacy & Security Tools

  • Password Management
  • Adblocking Tools
  • VPN’s & Secure Internet Access
  • TOR & The “Dark Web”
  • Encrypted Communications
    • Text
    • Email
    • Chat
  • P2P services & The fall of BitTorrent

Alternate Economic Models & Platforms

  • Crypto Currency
  • Blockchain & The “World Computer” of D’Apps & DAO’s
  • Platform Cooperativism & Cooperative Ownership Models
  • The dark side of the “Sharing Economy”

Free Software

  • Movement
  • Organizations
  • How to get involved and the benefits

CopyLeft Movement 

  • Creative Commons Licenses
  • History
  • Organizations
  • How it Works and the Importance of this Movement

Alternative Networks & Internets

  • Building a Pirate Box offline Intranet
  • Wireless Mesh Networks
  • MANETs
  • Game System Internet Hacks??? (Re: Cory Doctorow)

National Policy & Legislation Re: Digital Rights

  • Foundations & Organizations & Think Tanks
  • Upcoming Legislation Nationally
  • New York State & NYC Legislation

Key International Leaders in Policy & Government Re: Digital Rights & Future Plans

  • Progressive Political Parties & Leaders
  • Key legislation being passed abroad
  • Groups and organizations working for free digital futures

Tech, Art, Design & Futurism

  • Explore modern art and design that reflects uncertainties, fears, hopes, dreams for digital future
  • Design trends and related social outcomes (false information, attention economy, phone zombies etc.)

My first article will be a write-up of my project to build and install a PirateBox offline file sharing and communication system for use by peers. I’m working on it now and excited to release it later this week. 🙂

Stay tuned for more!

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