Playtech & The Secret Treasure Chest


My Super Fun Playtech Sign – seriously though, love whoever designed these!!!


So this weekend I took my teacher (and a billion emails) advice and signed up for Playtech, an event where a bunch of kids 8 – 18 come and play with something you made.

Since my final project for Major Studio 1 seemed a bit inappropriate for kids, I decided to take out my CC Lab Final, the Secret Zelda treasure chest for a bit of fun.

I had a ton of fun showcasing the treasure chest at Playtech and hanging out with a bunch of really cool kids. I actually did get a chance to run my final project for Major Studio by a couple of the older kids who were hanging around afterward waiting for parents, so a double win!!!

Here are some photos of the kids playing with the chest and my table and table-mate Cat.

I realized a lot of things from Playtech. Kids are really great/unbiased/unabashed people and will tell you EXACTLY what you can do to make your project better. The biggest thing was my super esoteric poem/sign was a bit hard to digest for younger kids – although their parents kept wanting to walk them through it!


It was also fun to talk about stuff they had worked on and wanted to try. A lot of the kids had used Arduino before and wanted to see my circuit inside the chest and know the details about how it was made – whoah.

A lot more were interested in coding/circuits so I really did my best to encourage them to try it out. After all, 4 months ago I didn’t know how to do any of these things, and here I am with an electromagnetic¬†lock chest!

Here are my biggest pieces of feedback for making my chest even better!

  • Just giving the written clue I provided was not enough for them to get started.
  • I had to tell people they needed to push the button & do something else, since at first everyone just went for the latch and gold knob on the front (that I had just added to cover up a screw hole…)
  • The button should be moved to the front next to the latch, or the latch should somehow be a button.
  • It would be cool to open the chest with music.
  • It would be cool to run your finger over a part of metal on the chest and open it that way (I agree!!!)

Here is my feedback for my Major Studio 1 Prototype

  • I want to be able to use different size strokes and more effects to draw.
  • The defogger currency should be used across the app more overall, for add-ons and stuff.
  • It would be cool if you could link your social media accounts and bring things in that way.


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