Creativity & Computation: JavaScript Final Project Ideas

I’m fascinated by the relationships between information and place in urban spaces. In addition,  much of the reading we have done so far this semester has been concerned with power structures and systems. How they are a structured and how/where to leverage change. Information is one of the most transformational methods by which we can examine the world around us and the relationships of power, identity, place, and space. It is also a powerful way to leverage change in systems.

For my javascript project, I want to use the google maps api to build a custom map of New York City. I then want to either import data sets from open government sources or a social site such as Twitter/Instagram to examine relationships between people and place. I would like to potentially use additional javascript libraries for visualization effects.

For my homework this week I explored the google maps api in depth and tried to better understand how to update the elements, and how to also utilize jQuery to simplify functions. Although I had some issues with version control/documentation that I need to address in order to get advanced features of the map to work, I’m confident that I can get a map up and running, and build a custom array to house my outside data.

My big accomplishments for this homework was to get the Google Maps API up and running, to figure out how to incorporate simple jQuery to load the map, and do click functions. I was also able to figure out how to add an array of points to the map using an array and a for loop. Next I will try to connect information into this array so that I can pull it from elsewhere.

Video of My Homework Map

Here we go!

Image Source

Google Developers Maps API Presentation

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