Day 7 | Roll & Words

We are finally here, the last day of the seven in seven. It has been quite the week!

For the last day, it looks like we will be drawing again with DRAW (1) being rolled this morning.

Day 7 Roll, Draw!
Day 7 Roll, Draw!


And… it’s Taylor Swift’s “22”…

This song is actually really interesting to me. I think it is very hard to define a specific feeling to have at a certain age, but for me she captures it pretty well. When listening to it I am reminded of many nights when I was younger and trying to be “out on the scene”. Unfortunately this often led to waiting around in line for parties with the “cool kids”, drinking overpriced beer and staying out way too late searching for “bad news”. Pretty typical of being 22, the year I moved to NYC full time.

However what this song is really about for me are those nights that just come together. The nights where you do “ditch the whole scene”, have no plans, wander around and end up finding something amazing. The best nights I have ever had in New York City were those with the least planning. New York is one of those places where adventure can take hold of you if you just let it, and open yourself to the randomness of what may happen, instead of strictly bounding your life with “deadlines” and strict calendering.

Twenty-two was indeed that age where the real responsibilities of adulthood, long-term relationships, career-building etc. were just getting started. No one expected that much of you – yet – and you still had the freedom to really just live in New York without strictly adhering to a weekly schedule. Recently I have been writing budgets, schedules, work plans, everything to organize myself. I have been super rational trying to figure out my new life as a student, my new schedule, new expectations. But the thing I look forward to most in my time here is my new ability to play. Not to mess around and not do work, but to play with ideas, with feelings, with concepts, with designs – even in the middle of all that organization. It is so refreshing to throw out the strict schedule/idea of what work is sometimes and just go with what feels right.

I have learned a lot about that this week with the 7×7. Each time I have had to think of a project, I’ve had a funny/tongue-in-cheek/weird idea that does have strong roots in a concept/personal emotion for me, but is also just letting my mind off the leash of practicality and letting it leap where it will.

So without any more rambling, here are the words for today!

Day 7 Free Write
Day 7 Free Write
Final words!
Final words!
  • Hipsters
  • Strangers
  • Magical
  • I’m feeling 22
  • Want to
  • One of those nights
  • Scene
  • Best way
  • I don’t know about you
  • You look like bad news

My initial idea is to do some computer drawing today, vs. pen/pencil. I want to do a flat/graphic/poster type of media with people standing in line for a club, and 2 running off the edge and ditching it all. I’m also considering incorporating zombies to sort of represent adherence to the norms of what is cool/hip (as much as “scene people” are sooooo beyond that). Also my roomie and I had a great conversation walking to the subway today, and one remark that came out of it is that “Brooklyn feels like a zombie apocalypse movie with tasteful brownstones”. I’ve always thought that about the place, one minute you are on a “hip” street with coffee shops/bars, the next you are walking past abandoned alleys with dogs barking, barbed wire, and tumbleweeds. I sometimes do expect to just see a zombie shuffle out from around a corner… See my quick sketch I did this morning below…

Day 7 Concept Sketch
Day 7 Concept Sketch

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