Day 6 | Coding Frozen’s Let it Go

So I was actually able to do a pretty good approximation of what I wanted earlier using Processing.

This is my first step/demo of some of the functionality I would want to do to have an interactive performance to music. This would be translated in the future to track body/hand motion.

For today’s project, I really just wanted to get snow falling in the background, and for you to be able to “click” and draw other snow, so that you could kind of dance along to the music.

Unfortunately, the music doesn’t come through on these videos, but “Let it Go” is playing in the background of each.

I’ve posted one of the early prototypes with some of the snow effects, and then the final video.

Full disclosure, I used tutorials on particle systems for the basis of this (cited in my sketch) and heavily modified them to combine them together, and to load in images, sound, and mousepress effects.

Early Trial:Getting the snow to Move!

Final Product

Image Source:

Deviant Art РTelevue

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