Day 6 | Roll & Words


Another day, another design… Today’s roll is CODE (3).

Looks like I will be doing another coding project today! Although as I mentioned earlier in my definition of code, there a lot of ways to interpret this.


Song & Words

Much to my chagrin (and my roommates amusement when he found me scribbling furiously to this in the kitchen) today’s song is “Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen (sung by Idina Menzel).

To answer the first question, yes this song is in my fav’s playlist – no shame. I actually love this song…almost as much as I disliked the movie. Regardless, this song has always reminded me that sometimes we bottle everything up inside and it eats away at us. Instead we just sometimes need to let it go no matter what anyone thinks. We need to soar on our own talents and not let anyone tell us there is limits to what we can do, what we can create. We need to test our own limits and break through, regardless of perception and propriety.

I also mentioned that I constantly get inspired for projects by songs while listening to the lyrics. “Let it Go” is actually one of those songs I have wanted to do a project on for awhile – but don’t yet have the technical skills to turn what I imagine into reality. One day I want to be able to set up a projection environment where someone can “compose their own story/song”. I have had this in my head for awhile, but it became a lot clearer reading “Rainbow’s End” this last week, where a school-aged character has to literally compose using computer graphics to support a narrative he is telling. When I hear this song I imagine standing in the middle of a projection set and being able to literally create fractals and snowflakes with my hands as the song progresses, moving them around with motion and making them dance and swirl in the air. You could control maybe the types of snowflakes and the speed and stuff using controls built into rings/gloves so that you could literally narrate the song/story as it is going, creating your own new piece each time you do it again.

Obviously that isn’t going to happen today for the 7×7, but I want to try to capture some of that, especially since the words I pulled out spark off those thoughts even more.

Free writing/free-association for "Let it Go".Free writing/free-association for “Let it Go”.

Day 6 Words! This should be fun!
Day 6 Words! This should be fun!
  • Kingdom of isolation
  • Swirling storm
  • Don’t let them see
  • Let it go
  • Let the storm rage on
  • Test the limits
  • No wrong
  • One with the wind and sky
  • Soul is spiralling in frozen fractals
  • Rise like the break of dawn

I’m thinking right now of trying to code a snowflake fractal generator or something like that, where you can interact with fractals/snowflakes. We will see!

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