Day 5 Final | Drawing Robyn

At the end of the day, what the words from this song reminded me the most of was changes. Sometimes change is really hard, but it is the best thing for us, causing us to grow. It’s often painful and annoying and messed up, but we never know who we will be at the end of it.

2015 has been a crazy year for me with changes. Almost every single aspect of my life has changed between September last year and right now. However, as painful as many of those changes are, they were also opportunities for rebirth and transformation.

Robyn’s song hits a lot these nerves for me. It is about a someone telling their lover to  call their girlfriend and call their relationship off. Even though this is one of the hardest most messed up changes there can be, it is the only way that the people in the song can grow and do what they really want to.

So my picture is of a person literally transforming, borne aloft by mechanical wings, and breaking the chains of what has held them back. However in order to do that, they first have to have the old them burnt away, obviously very painfully. It is a personal reflection on how some of the ideas and tools I have been acquiring over the last month have helped me to rise above some of the things that have been hardest on me lately.

A first sketch and word association
A first sketch and word association
Day 5 Final - Drawing Robyn
Day 5 Final – Drawing Robyn

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