Day 4 Final Product: Coding “Get Over It”

For today’s project, what really inspired me from the words was blame and how we tend to blame things on the past. The song overall is very much about people complaining, rather than going out and getting things done. Everyone has hardships, and everyone has a right to complain, but you have to change your circumstances.

Thinking on this, I wondered how many ridiculous things we could blame what is currently wrong with the world on. Really you can go down any path with it, depending on your perspective.

So for my final, I coded an interactive website  called “Who is to Blame?”. This is really a concept for what would be a larger website, and I would want to include randomness as a feature in future iterations

Check it out below, and also check out some of the process pictures and sketches for the interactions on the site. I’m feeling pretty good with my jQuery finally after today and the boot camp final!

Working outside on my our deck today. One thing I miss about Long Island, private outdoor space!!!
Working outside on our deck today. One thing I miss about Long Island, private outdoor space!!!
Interaction chain
Interaction chain
Site wireframe sketch
Site wireframe sketch

Note, my Parsons server is not working tonight/from my Mom’s house, so I’m going to post screen shots of each page to a gallery. Will give uploading it another try when I get home to the city tomorrow, and am on my own Wifi again!

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