Day 2 Final Product!

Soooo…. this was a super fun/frustrating/interesting project.

I built a mini panorama/interactive sculpture that captures the first thing that came to me after I saw the 10 words from “Whistle”. For some reason, the combination – as mentioned earlier – first evoked the shame of watching The L Word hidden in my room growing up. This was my story personally, but it’s also an interesting story because that was really the first lesbian oriented show on TV ever. It was a huge huge breakthrough when I was a teenager, to finally have a show that I could see people like me (well not quite with the L Word – represented on any sort of TV, even if it was a premium channel. Not to mention it was a show!

Anyway, here are some photos of the final product below. My roommate  Landon and good friend/amazing artist Perry both helped to test it out and give me some suggestions at the end (like doing the closet in black and white vs. brown thin stripes). They both did agree that the way it was setup gave the illusion of doing something in secrecy, and a little shameful, especially when paired with the “Shane/Carmen” compilation – also suggested by Perry. An excellent choice that fit perfectly, although it was really hard not to laugh at some of the lines they were saying while we filmed.


Final Product/User Testing Photos

Final Product Video

And so ends another day. Now to go actually have a Friday Night!!!!

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