Capturing Robyn

So I think I processed enough about today’s work in my last post, but will give a little info and show the result!

At the end of the day, the thing that really stuck out most to me was “capture”, even though I had the 10 words. The idea of thinking about what capture means, and applying it to my work was overwhelmingly tempting, so I did so. However, I did still keep all of the 10 words in mind and meditated on them when out taking photos today. I think the photos reflect that pretty well. Of the 10 words, what really called out to me was broken bottles, I know it’s stupid, far away. I think they are reflected best in this piece.

However what today was really about for me is the idea of “capturing”. One thing I made sure to do in my work today was absolutely NOT ask permission, and discretely take the photos. I literally wanted to capture the subject, without their permission, because to me that felt very important. The concept of capturing a moment, an idea, a thought inherently robs it of its freedom to grow and morph in most media, like this traditional photo collage. Once it is down, it’s done and it can’t change, less it become a new work completely.  So this piece, “Capturing Robyn” (all my pieces will be named after the material mode and artist or song title) for me is really about capturing the people and messages that live in the moments throughout my day, as they pertain to how I feel  when listening to “Dancing On My Own” the song, and focusing on my 10 words. I also realized it is very hard to just have the 10 words without singing along to them in my head and completing the phrases, so I let them guide me to what to capture, versus trying to capture the 10 words.

Below find some of the big photos I took, and the final collage. I also had to add one video I found of this awesome person literally dancing on their own in Union Square!!!

Selection of Today’s Photos

Final Product

Capturing Robyn

BONUS: Best Random Video EVER of Someone Dancing on their Own!

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