7×7 | Day 2 – Material Range/Theme

Seven in Seven Day 2 | Build!

Day 2 - Build
Day 2, Build!

Continuing my rule change from yesterday, I rolled the dice immediately upon waking up this morning  – actually I made coffee first…
Regardless, the roll for today 2, Build. 

This one has me a little more anxious than yesterday’s, only because out of all the material range options, build is somewhat of a wild card for me. Coming into boot camp this summer I was very nervous about building things and physical computing. When younger, I was always a computer kid. I taught myself web coding as a pre-teen/teen because I wanted to build online spaces for my geeky friends and I to hang out – back when there actually wasn’t really that much on the internet (circa 1998 – 2001). So my digital builders hands – sim city, web, pictures etc. have been a bit sharper.

However, I am game for the challenge today. Even as I sit here and say how bad I am at building things, I am thinking about the definition of build, what that means, what room there is for change in that definition. I also realize that I’m not bad at building at things at all, I just haven’t had the impetus lately to do so (specifically with my hands). I was actually a huge lego geek for years, and probably have around 5,000 of them sitting around my parents somewhere… I also built my own instrument made from tiles and a carpenter’s bench, a Rube Goldberg machine, paper airplanes, IKEA furniture, and most recently my “Highline Fractal Sun Shade” for boot camp.

So instead of getting nervous, I am just going to get it done with what I have on hand today.

Very quickly, here is a definition I found of Build to get a little bit inspired. Maybe a few quotes too.

Build Definition (from Google):

  • To construct (something, typically something large) by putting parts or material together over a period of time.
  • (Computing) To compile a program, database, index etc.)
  • To establish and develop (a business, relationship, or situation) over a period of time.
  • To incorporate (something) and make it a permanent part of a structure, system, or situation.
  • To use as a basis for further progress or development.
  • To increase the size, intensity, or extent of.

I will listen to my song on my commute to school shortly, and post later quickly about what it is. Should be an interesting day!

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