Rules, Processes & Procedures


For our Major Studio 1 first assignment, we have been given the dreaded seven in seven, or as I keep accidentally referring to it, seven and seven. Completely different thing… Below I will try to explain how I got to my project “theme”

We also completed some readings about process, spontaneity, creativity, art, all with a focus on discussing what it is to create from different perspectives.

What really stuck out for me most was that creativity doesn’t have to be there all the time. Thank goodness!

It’s good to know that we aren’t all inspired, ephemeral muse firmly in hand when it comes  time to create. Just like many things in this world, creativity (doesn’t need) but thrives on process, when procedure mixed with a dash of chance informs how we begin our journey. As my old supervisor once told me, you thrive on processes.

So from there, and from alot of other thinking today, I have chosen my rule(s) for the 7×7 this next week. Here we go!

7×7 Process



I was sitting on the subway today listening to my “favs” playlist for probably the 100th time when I realized that one of my most inspired times during the day comes when listening to my music, and sitting still (not very easy for me!). I constantly imagine and reimagine recreating the music videos for each song to incorporate my day, or mumble under my breath as I dissect how the songs meanings shift and change as the events in my life do. Like an actor I change roles in each song, sometimes a spectator, a participant, or a reluctant somewhat nostalgic narrator. At other times, the music is just a background, yet often the free flow of thoughts that occur during blur and change as a particular word or phrase breaks my current reverie.

I should also explain that this isn’t just any playlist. This is the playlist. Songs come and go from this list regularly, as it represents a crossroads of what I aesthetically and emotionally want to listen to in that few months. I hear a new (or old) song that I really like in that moment, and it ends up on the list until I am tired of hearing it. For this reason, it parallels a lot of what I am going through at the time. You don’t just add any song to the list you listen to almost every day.

Rule 1: Listen to 1 random song from “favs” playlist while sitting quietly/distraction free each day. Free write words and short phrases that stand out during the song. Pick every other word or phrase in the list until only 10 are left. Design a project that incorporates/evokes/challenges/represents the meaning inspired by these 10 words.



Another thing that inspired me for this project was looking at the amount and variety of cool trash outside 6 East 16th  after our first class. During boot camp I had a lively discussion with a local resident about the great trash the New School has thrown out over the years while holding a bag filled with $40 of Utrecht supplies. Face palm. So for this project, I will be limiting myself to only materials/tools that I have in my house. I cannot and will not buy anything to do this.

Rule 2: No buying anything. Can only use materials/tools on-hand or found. No cash exchanged.

Finally, I want to make sure that I actually work over a range of mediums/ways of doing things. I have been working for awhile and a lot of my art skills have gotten a bit rusty. Since I used be quite the avid D & D fan when younger, the only to pick this is to use a die, I choose 6 sides.

Rule 3: Roll a 6 sided die. Must use material range/method for numbers in the list below. Each one is a broad method/range of materials. For example, “draw” could be markers, crayons, pencils, paint, a computer stylus. I don’t want to be too specific because I want to make sure I have some tools to do each, especially since I am travelling this weekend.

  1. Draw
  2. Build
  3. Code
  4. Write
  5. Capture
  6. Remix

So in summary, the final process  will be:

    • Roll a 6 sided die. The number will be the method/material range for that day’s project.
    • Listen to the first song  played on random shuffle from “favs” playlist.
    • Free-write words/short phrases (no longer than 1 sentence)
    • Pick every other word. Cut out the others. Do this until 10 are left. This will be the inspiration for each day’s project

That is it. Here we go! Stay tuned for project 1 unveiling and iterations tomorrow!

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