7×7 | Day 1 – Material Range/Theme

A quick update. This morning I woke up and decided that I wanted to slightly redo the order of my rules and I put the dice roll first. This is so that I can know what my medium is ahead of time, and pack my bag for the day accordingly.

However this actually had an intersting unintended consequence. I wasn’t able to listen to my song immediately, so I was able to mediate on the medium range and what it means prior to knowing what words I have to incorporate.

This led me to some interesting thoughts about my medium range for the day capture (dice roll 5).

For this reason, i’m going to continue to roll the dice immediatley after waking up, and listen to the song whenever I next can, but after just thinking about the medium range for a bit first.

Dice Roll 5: Capture

Day 1 Dice Roll - 5 = Capture!
Day 1 Dice Roll – 5 = Capture!

Capture is a really interesting word. While I had intended it  to mean photography when creating the rules last night, upon meditating on it this morning as I walked to the train, I realized that it can also be audio, video, even a sketch. As long as it “captures” a real moment (maybe not real?) and translates it to the work.

This really came to me when I was hearing the Muslim call to prayer this morning. I haven’t been around my neighborhood during the day ever before, so everytime I go out recently, I see new things. I loved the way that this music – that reminded me of a the intro of a movie as the camera pans over a desert, or a middle eastern city – was my background as I waited for the light at Atlantic Avenue. With the way the sun was falling, and the people walking around me, the noise of the cars etc., I could almost feel like I was in a different place.

I also thought a lot about other connotations of the word capture. It has come to mean very different things in different contexts. How is it that capturing a moment is the ideal, when capturing a person is intolerable? When we capture something, do we rob it of its freedom in some weird way?

Song: Robyn – Dancing on my Own (Body Talk Part 1)

One of my favorite songs. This entered my “favs” playlist quite a long time ago and has stayed since. The first time I added it, I had been preparing for a road trip to Provincetown Massachusetts in 2011 for Memorial Day weekend. My best friend at the time LOVED this song, and I added it to my list for our drive.

10 Words/Phrases

  • Better
  • I know it’s stupid
  • All night
  • Broken bottles
  • why?
  • So far away…
  • Watching
  • Taking home
  • Deep
  • She’s around

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